Flash: Offa-Erin-Ile Communal Clash: Kwara Government Impose 24 Hour Curfew

The Kwara State Government has imposed a 24-hour curfew on Offa and Erin-Ile towns in Offa and Oyun Local Government Councils with immediate effect. The curfew is to restore public order in both communities following recent disturbances. All human and vehicular movement is hereby barred in Offa and Erin-Ile. In line with this order, the security agencies will deal decisively with any found contravening the curfew.
Furthermore, the state government will bring the full weight of the law to bear on anyone who disrupts public order or otherwise incites violence in any part of the state under any guise. While assuring law-abiding citizens of its resolve to secure lives and properties, the Kwara State government is determined to identify and prosecute those behind the recent crises in both communities.

Alhaji Isiaka Gold
Secretary to the Kwara State Government



9 thoughts on “Flash: Offa-Erin-Ile Communal Clash: Kwara Government Impose 24 Hour Curfew

  1. It is bad to see what is happening here and govt tends to do nothing about it. This is absolutely bad. We student are not save and the federal govt is doing nothing. Just this afternoon I am an eye witness people were killed, property were destroyed in offa worth billion and the set people that are meant to stop the conflict are in full support of one town. Nigeria is getting worse and there is no good security even those we have are being silenced with money. Where is my mother land heading to?


  2. We have not seen any law enforcement agent at the time of this writing. There is no curfew in Erin-Ile community where I am reporting from. The government appears to have leave us to ourselves, while giving false message to the public. Lives have been lost and properties destroyed. We are all at alert for invaders from Offa. God has always stand by Erin-Ile as we stand by the truth, just as he Promised.


  3. Tension build all through the night for the fear of continued crisis. At about 3:06AM I heard rapid gun shots which sounds like those of the Machine Gun in movies. Those of us who could sleep in our houses now have to flee for safety.
    We were not sure if they were nigerian army or invaders from offa, becaused yesterday we had invaders disguised themselves as mobile police, hence burnt down and looted some builds close to the entrance of Erin-Ile.
    Two hours later we learned that it was the nigerian army and that the gunshots heard were to the disassemble the Erin-Ile youths whom have grouped to defend their land. Some arrests were also made.
    Immediately I confirmed that it was the Nigerian, I retired to my house, to have some sleep as I could not all through the night.
    Waking up at about 9:00AM, I learnt that the curfew has now been effected in Erin-Ile.
    This report is only as witnessed in Erin-Ile as I have no access to information on what happened in Offa.
    I plead to the Leadership in our lands to be sensitive and responsible to situations like this. If the army were deployed immediately (instead of about 24hours after the government of kwara state pronounced it) lives and properties would have been saved. Its not only the Ado-Bayero and the likes that are worthy of living, we all are.

    I plead to both community especially Offa whom have been identified to be the rich, egoistic and oppressor in this surbub to let peace reign, not only with Erin-Ile but also with Ijagbo and other neighbouring communities. You do not have to take what does not belong to you even if you have the power to. Where is your fate and conscience. You are the youngest community, yet the greatest achievers in this locality, but all you do is oppress others even when they admire and want to be like you. We all deserve to grow and be happy. Remember that God is just and he is watching over us


  4. I still find it hard to believe that some of the comments on this site are pasted by Erin-ile people. My impression was that the town doesn’t breed educated youths or intellectuals that live up to the modern time. I still can’t digest the fact that an educated youth of the 21st century will support the barbaric & animalistic beheading & cutting off the private part of an innocent man. I’m from Ilesha but spent 4yrs at offa for my ND & HND program & know noting less about the town. Erin-Ile is a small town that has her commercial activities & source of livelihood 80% if not 90% dependent on offa. The town lack productivity because of their backward thinking. They cannot boost of a “common” pure water company, the easiest venture that has turn to a parlour company in most places in Nigeria. All they can boost of is their potent ‘africa juju’, charms that make them live in the past and devoid them of sustainable development. they keep hunting for the downfall of their host. Offa on the other hand, is a very ambitious developing town that set no limits to her dreams of being among elite modern city in Nigeria. Though, most people tag the town has being ‘egoistic’, and oppressor but on a personal ground, I found this as a misconception. Besides, if I have a misjudgement on this and offa is truly bad as being portrayed, it should have reflected in her relationship with the other town that share common border with her like Ipee, Ijagbo, Igosun among others. The development in the town is as a result of the individual efforts of her citizens because Ilorin is the government focus for development in kwara state. I’m not here to take a side in this but using this medium to implore Erin-Ile youths to think more of development and stop the incessant crisis that will lead them to nowhere than ruination. The town will by no doubt continue to live under the shadow of offa if they fail to cooperate with them for development.


  5. infact am tired wit d attitude bein potray by offa people,simple u av money and people in government,using that to operesed ur neibough,i just want them to know that for every people and community have an apointed time,a time is comming when those opresed community will rise above them,nothin ever permanent.


  6. I don’t kno wy some youths cannot think ryt. Babs or watever ur name is, in ur first comment yu said yu are 4rm Erin and in the second yu are contradicting d first..watever yu are a fool cos God doesn’t support blood shed cos I here yu say God is by ya side and killing is d hobby of Erin ppl.
    Secondly yu said offa has ego, is dat wat makes yu jealous? Anoda daft call himsef Leohert in d last comment said dea is appointed tym 4 every ppl and community 2 develop, wy can’t yu tell dat 4 ya ppl so dat dey wait 4 dea tym as community development doesn’t happen in a day.
    Overall I now see wy Erin fail 2 grow cos yu ppl think backward


  7. Erinle and Offa are to understand each other for peace to reign between. Being Barbaric can’t repair but can only destroy. I urge the youth in erinle and offa to let peace because of God


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