Situation Report: Save Funke Badru

Remember our collective project #SaveFunkeBadru? The MAPOLY girl needing funds for surgery to remove brain tumor!

As at today 4th of Feb 2013, the account balance stands at N1.1M, (just N900,000 away from target).

Thanks to God, thanks to YOU.

She has undergone series of tests in the past 2 weeks, has been placed on medication for a pre-surgery procedure, expected to last till March after which the doctor gets set for the surgery proper.

To this end, Funke Badru craves your prayers to God for the miraculous while physicians put it their expertise, and also your support for the remaining N900,000. Your little goes a long way.

Please feel free to run her a text or call her once in a while, to encourage her.

With God and with you all, she will make it through.

On behalf of Funke Badru, News Bytes says “God Bless You!”

Funke Badru’s Mobile – 08069388103

Help beckons…. @NewsBytesAlert
You are ahead…@newsbytesnow


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