A Must-Attempt Exam On The Ongoing $67bn Face-Off: “You, Wicked Stepson”

In a theatrical manner, News Bytes bring you more rumblings on the fallouts of the $67bn reserve alleged to have been wasted by the current and immediate past administrations.

Enjoy the satire. Please attempt to participate. Thank you.

*Use JUST ONE word to describe, qualify or respond to the conversation below…you shall be disqualified if more than ONE WORD! * Suggest a befitting TITLE

Date: 6th Feb 2013
Time of conversation: about an hour ago
Setting: Nigeria, on Twitter
– Oby Ezekwesili (former Education Minister, under Ex-President Obasanjo’s Administrattion), – Reno Omokri (SA to President Jonathan on New Media)

Recap: $67bn Squandered Reserve

Act 3, Scene 1

Oby Ezekwesili to Super Eagles of Nigeria: Thanks for the message to your LEADERS that it takes EFFORT/ HARDWORK to WIN. You WORKED it today, guys & EARNED your WIN! (You’re) Champs

(You ask the) Message in their victory to 162 million Nigerians? …We CARRY WITHIN US ALL that we need to become a TRULY GREAT NATION, not oil!

Reno Omokri to Oby: Let’s not politicize this victory. Enjoy it. May God bless the Super Eagles, may God bless you and may God bless Nigeria

Oby Ezekwesili: I don’t listen to wicked step sons my dear! Try another (Twitter) handle

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