Flash! Cybercrime: Reps Propose N25m Fine, 15-Year Jail Term For ‘Yahoo Boys’

The House of Representatives has proposed heavy penalties for “Computer misuse and Cybercrimes,” with fines ranging from N5m to N25m for offenders. Convicted persons will also serve jail terms ranging from two to 15 years.

Cybercrime is commonly known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria.

The penalties are contained in amendments proposed to the Criminal Code and the Penal Code. The two bills have already passed second reading at the House and are scheduled for public hearing by the House Committee on Justice headed by Mr. Ali Ahmad.

For the Criminal Code, the amendment seeks to insert a new Chapter 56, dedicated to “Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Offences.”

Section 3 (1) provides that it is an offence to gain access to a computer system or network without authorisation. Offenders are “liable on conviction to a fine of not more than N10m or imprisonment for a term of five years or both.”

The fine can be up to N20m or 10-year imprisonment or both if the offence is “committed with the intent of obtaining computer data, securing access to any program, commercial or industrial secrets or confidential information.”

The section gives further explanations, “Any person, who commits an offence under this section, uses any device to avoid detection or otherwise prevent identification with the act or omission, commits an offence or facilitates the commission of such offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of not more than N20m or imprisonment of 10 years or to both.”

The amendment proposes a penalty of N15m or a prison term of eight years or both for any “unauthorised modification” of a computer program or data held in any computer or network.

Under Section 8 of the provisions, any act, deliberately intended to make a computer system or network to malfunction for criminal gains, is punishable with a fine of N15m or a jail term of 10 years.

The disclosure of password or access code to any computer or network without authorisation carries a jail term of two years or a fine of N5m or both.

However, the jail term can be as high as 15 years or a fine of N25m or both if the act results to a “substantial loss or damage.”

The proposals also provided various penalties for “identify theft and impersonation, child pornography and related Offences, cyber squatting, cyber terrorism, racist and xenophobic offences, interception of electronic communication, cyber stalking and cyber harassment.”

Cyber criminals are said to get away easily in Nigeria due to weak legal provisions to punish them.

Security agencies and anti-graft bodies like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have frequently called for stiffer legal provisions to address the problem.

The two amendments were proposed by a member, Aisha Daniru-Ahmed.

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8 thoughts on “Flash! Cybercrime: Reps Propose N25m Fine, 15-Year Jail Term For ‘Yahoo Boys’

  1. Wonders will never cease in this jungle of a nation. What gives confidence to these brood of vipers to prescribe punishment for cyber crime offences?
    So, what punishment will they like to prescribe for the thieves among them? For the pedophiles that inhabit their chamber? For the many fraudsters that populate their assembly?
    If they cannot help our country, let them be men enough to shut their traps and save us the nauseating effusions that emanate from their contaminated chamber!


  2. they are the ones who needs to be checked,they are the beasts we have in this nation,they turned this country to what it is today,stealing our money with the heavy payment they pay them per seat,they are not in the grass root level neither their children suffering for money or jobs some are not even in nigeria.God will punish them all for stealing our money and punishing innocent citizens


  3. Its so funny that even the most corrupt officials in Nigeria now want to cast the stone again Cyber-criminals. Forgetting that the situation that led these youths to this unholy way is a fallout of their corruption and legis-looting. Let them first remove the log in their eyes before removing the beam in the society.


  4. Imagine. The kind of heartless human being we elect to lead us. Imagine this foolish people. Who have no ideal what the masses is going through. Empowering the useless police and efcc to act foolishly even label the innocent youths. For the useless bill. What are they thinking. They can not pass bill for themselves looting our billions and trillions. Looting our oil money. Agriculture. PHCN. No bill on how to create jobs. How to empower the youths. God who will save us in this curse country. Where good things has become so barbaric and excommunicated.


  5. This is just like a two-edged sword,it is true that what Yahoo Yahoo boys are doing is not right, and i’m not against any punishment meted †̥o them,but we also have to understand that most of them are into that trade as a result of frustration from joblessness and hunger, which are themselves an offshoot of bad governance. Do our leaders have any moral justification to legislate that the cyber criminals be punished? When they the law makers are drainning the blood out of our nation by their looting habit. I think revolution is the way out, I can’t see any other way.


  6. What will hapn to those who did it in the past succeded and today many of them re in the senate,house of reps nd various state house of assembly.i dont blame d reps members its bcos they re all blind to the suffering of the masses out there


  7. The possible solution to stop yahoo yahoo boys in Nigeria are as follow:
    Employment opportunity, Charity organisation, every nigerian citizen from age of 18 should be entitle to renumeration every month.

    Then; the political office holder should stop stealing our national cake. The causes of yahoo yahoo boys in Nigeria is Fraudulent and Embezzlement, Unemployment


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