A Must-Read: Shenanigans In Power, Fit For Jail – Dokun Adedeji

Many times, I am sad and sickened by the level of ignorance displayed by many contributors not to talk of the dribel that pass for informed opinions. Worse of all is the pedestal that rumors and mud-slinging have attained all in a bid to out-do one another in mouthing galling propaganda.

It needs to be mentioned that the pains and hunger our people feel have no party coloration!

But those that claim to be elites are playing silly politics with their feelings and the future of our children.

One day soon,the chicken will come to roost!

There is no gain-saying the fact that there has been no responsible central government these past 14years! We have a caricature of democracy and we celebrate incompetence and debauchery as dividends of democracy.

Why do we adulate robbers as fighters for and of democracy as if these vitiate their crimes against our country?

Who does not know the thieves in our midst?

A man worked all his life as a public servant no matter the capacity or level and he has a fleet of cars, houses all over the globe with his children in schools abroad and we salute his wealth! Where did he make so much money to satisfy all these needs?

What manner of business do our moguls do to bring in so much wealth that they donate virtually on a daily basis as if money will soon go out of fashion?

People – even the intellectuals – see nothing wrong in the obscene gifts showered on our footballers! They claim its a just reward for hard work! Hard work? Please,perish that thought.

Pray, how many of them have ever worked as hard as Prof Adeojo or Prof Filani or indeed many Nigerians who daily grind out a living?

As for me, not only are these gifts obscene and criminal,they are a debasement of our indigenous morals and virtues. They stand condemned.

We allow these rogues in power the liberty of their misconduct because we are selective in our condemnation of all that is bad. We salute them for donating pepper grinding machines, okadas, sewing machines to the dirt poor of their constituencies from the desecration of our treasury. Who amongst us know what these brood of vipers earn?

They throw crumbs to we the people from our commonwealth and we sing their praises!

What manner of docility permits this?

It is wrong only when someone not in our party does it but permitted when it is a favorite son!

Let us be vigilant for the day of judgment is here.

Thieves and rapacious men abide in all the parties but what we do today is to look for the biggest thief to slay on the altar of expediency.

That is not judgment but an idiosyncratic application of the law.

Truth be told, most of the carpetbaggers today that strut the corridors of power and we bow down to, should either be facing the firing squad or spend the rest of their lives in jail!

As a people, not only must we make demands of good governance on these politicians, we must prescribe the moral code by which they live and govern.

We must perish the viciousness of individual antagonism when we rabidly defend the indefensible.

I see the puerile debate we engage in when we take ring corners to allege who have stolen us blind and brought us to this sorry pass.

I carry no party card for there is no discernable difference – what is the difference between 6 and half a dozen? They all understand the power of self and the perpetuation of same.

Or,how do we explain the offsprings of yesterday thieves now bestriding the collosus of our nation and we stand on the edges and watch applauding their luck whilst waiting for our turn!

For how long shall this be I ask?

These shenanigan will continue for as long as we engage in silly ego battles while these thieves make away with our common patrimony.

The battle for the soul of our nation shall not be fought and won along party lines but based upon what is good for our people.

We must sheath our political swords to gather strength to fight our common enemy.

I am pained when I see the woman under an umbrella with a baby strapped on her back roasting plantain for the poor wayfarer without enough money to buy one! I am saddened by the sight of the shirtless man who puts his naked and tired back to loads either at Ojota or Apapa Wharf!

I am miffed by the callousness of our leaders who feel no pang of conscience when their long motorcade pass the boys and girls who sell petty stuff along our roads!

What manner of men are these who see not the pains of those they claim to represent or feel their agonizing deprivation?

I am convinced that all these cannot go on for too long anymore.

I am not sure we seek Utopia but we just ask for a little consideration. Or is that too much to ask for?

The salvation of our country lies in our hands. We cannot afford to shift the goal posts of morality on the basis of transient partisanship.

The average Nigerian asks for nothing but the basic necessities of life and cares not about the party. Let us stand up and plead their cause instead of our unnecessary bickering over whose father has the larger Mercedes Benz car!

As I write this, there is no light! I remember when recently it was being celebrated that light has improved and I cried foul.

We get easily carried away by pittance, the reason why the president can make outrageous claims on international media and our little Emperors can get away with blue murder!

Not until the neighborhood barber can work with light from PHCN or our industries run on same can we sing the song of deliverance. No,victory is not yet!

We salute the patching of roads and provision of buses and bore holes as achievements! No wonder we live on the fringes of global civilization!

I weep for my country where rewards for entertainment dwarf that for industry, honesty and brains!

– Dr Dokun Adedeji is an HR practitioner and a Social Worker. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria (www.dokunadedeji.com (@dokunadedeji on Twitter)

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7 thoughts on “A Must-Read: Shenanigans In Power, Fit For Jail – Dokun Adedeji

  1. It is joint respon sibility. we must all rise up to chase dis rogues parading themselves around ther corridor of power. Malcom X said, the price that the elite pays for not exercising their right to vote, is that fools rule them. Suffix me to say, not only should we exercise the right to vote but people of integrity should also step out and be voted for. Lets build the brand NIGERIA, be responsive to the need of a common man and change course of event in this Nation


  2. How I wish our people read. How I wish the majority of our people begin asking these same questions of their representatives. These thieves are not spirits, we all knew them before and we know them after. They live among us and we can see it all doesn’t add up. “Awon to ye k’ama tu’to is loju ki a is ma yaka is won ni gbangba”. Until we start disgracing them openly and ostracising them, before then o they will continue to take us for “mugus”. Nigeria Wake Up. “E ti won si konga”. The time has come to liberate ourselves from these brood of vipers.


  3. I share ur opinion, its amazin wen d eagles were given put togeda over 15million naira each, houses, lands and national honours, for bringin honour to their motherland, and wen some 9 women were murdered in cold blood in kano for servin and dyin for dia fadas land durin a polio vacination program, wat did our insensitve govt did, they gave dia families one million naira each,


  4. I feel sad for my dear country and we the poor.your write up say’s it all.The same set of thieves since independence are stil stealing our resources n making life difficuly for most of us.the worst part of it now is that they have started introducing their children to the act of stealing from the nation because there is no punishment for such a crime.We must all rise up today so as to save our tomorrow.


  5. This is indeed a call for a revolution only if we the masses are ready for a change. Cos change only starts from the grassroots. We do hope this “change” would come soon.


  6. When really will dis deadly play end? We all are tired of seeing them display their stinky characters! Let us all RISE UP and face the criminals once and save oursleves and our children of dis unfriendly environment.


  7. Its so sad dt we have found ourselves in this situation, its sadder cos we have chosen not to do anything about it, Libya did not have quarter of this issues before they took to the street and brought down almighty goliath, we have written very well, it is time to rise up and reclaim our commonwealth from the hand of the slavemaster, enough is enough. God bless the youth, God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.


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