Flash: Engagement Photo Confirm Relative’s Stance That ‘Goldie Has Been Happily Married Since 2005’

More facts emerging continue to lend credence to the marriage story of Susan Harvey, whose stage name is Goldie. She shockingly died February 14th after arriving from the US where she attended the Grammys.

A relative revealed to Punch that the former housemate at the Big Brother Africa has been happily married since 2005 to Andrew Harvey, a Briton.

The wedding was said to have taken place in Lagos at the Chapel of Christ the Light; the wedding reception was also held at the Event Centre, Agidingbi.

“There have been rumours that Goldie was romantically involved with her ex-BBA housemate, Prezzo. I can tell you categorically that this is not true because Goldie had been happily married for over seven years” he commented.

“Goldie and Andrew got married in the presence of family and friends and even though Andrew is a white man, his family also flew in from the United Kingdom to attend the wedding and they were clad in our traditional attire and also paid her bride price. This is to show you that it was a serious affair.

“Andrew is an expatriate here in Nigeria and he and Goldie lived at Park View Estate, Ikoyi. However, he had been out of the country for some months and only returned recently.”

“Goldie was a go-getter. She decided that she would go into entertainment and she was determined to succeed. She was well behaved and well brought up. Her father is even a pastor. She did well by keeping her private life private.”

The relative said the family was yet to come to terms with the singer’s death stating that she had no negative medical history.

“We are still in shock because she travelled recently to the United States, where she attended the Grammy Awards. She returned and later started complaining that she had a headache and she suddenly slumped”.

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2 thoughts on “Flash: Engagement Photo Confirm Relative’s Stance That ‘Goldie Has Been Happily Married Since 2005’

  1. I think Goldie never denied being married while alive.She just professionally kept her private life;private.
    Which to me,is understandable for someone in showbiz.Please let’s let her rest in peace and
    Her soul happy for being a Nigerian while alive.That’s what I feel.Ade Gonzalez is the name.


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