Flash: 18 Million Nigerians Mentally Ill – Psychiatrist

A United Kingdom-based Consultant Psychiatrist/CEO of Synapse Services, Dr. Vincent Udenze yesterday said over 18 million Nigerians are mentally ill though most people are not aware of their status.

Udenze said the incidences of mental disorders are increasing because of the stigmatization attached to it.

Speaking at a briefing to commemorate the family day, the doctor said discrimination accompanied with the status has also been directed at doctors who treat the patients making it also hard for victims to seek for care.

Quoting the World Health Organization recent report, he said, “that 12 percent of Nigerians have had symptoms to need diagnosis of mental disorders. That’s about 18 million of the Nigerian population.”

Courtesy Daily Trust

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2 thoughts on “Flash: 18 Million Nigerians Mentally Ill – Psychiatrist

  1. This estimate cannot be far from reality if not not even under-estimated.
    The Nigerian situation is more than enough to tip people over the edge!
    Even the spate of the obscene acquisitive tendency of our so-called elite is a pointer to a latent psychiatric disposition not to talk of the widespread use of marijuana.
    Nigerians have to be made aware that receiving treatment for mental illness does not connote madness. No,not in the least.


  2. People should not just wake up and talk carelessly on issues without proper examination, experiments and analysis. How can a doctor postulate that 12% of Nigeria’s 160million people are mentally sick. The propagation of this hypothesis is in itself a “mental” case.

    Please let’s invest time in more meaningful, nation building, capacity developing studies and not to cook up figures from nothing. 18 million is the population so many nations put together. Please let’s discard this fiction; it is overtly overblown and hence grossly misleading.


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