Flash! Ogun Virginity Test Principal: Aro Psychiatrist Says She Is Sane

The result of the medical test carried out on Mrs Olufunke Aladeojebi, former Principal of Ajuwon High School, Iju Ajuwon, to determine her mental state is out and revealed that she is sane.

The test was conducted by Timothy Olaolu Adebowale, a Consultant Psychiatrist, Special Grade 1 with the Neuro Psychiatrist Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta based on the recommendation of the Ogun State Government which insisted that the medical test was necessary to determine her mental state.

Mrs. Aladeojobi was indicted for conducting virginity test on some female students in her school, and subsequently suspended.

The Ogun State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Segun Odubela stated Friday that the 4-page report of the medical test described Mrs. Aladeojebi, assessed on January 29 as a woman “who was well-orientated in time, place and person, with good attention and concentration.”

It was confirmed that her “short and long term memories” was “intact” and “there was no evidence of impairment of reality testing, or gross personality defect, as she currently expresses realistic views on issues regarding the whole incident in her school and her referral for this assessment”.

Adebowale attributed the former principal’s mistake to “lack of restraint” stating that “she does not appear to have feelings of personal insecurity, self doubts and incompleteness which could have in addition to her desire for perfection in her work, qualified her for a label of obsessional personality that may explain a proneness to such situational reaction”.

“I am also of the opinion that redeployment from her present place of assignment will provide some face-saving relief, and will give her the opportunity to work through her acknowledged mistakes during the crisis” the psychiatrist further noted.

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2 thoughts on “Flash! Ogun Virginity Test Principal: Aro Psychiatrist Says She Is Sane

  1. I rejoiced with her; but I believed her examples could be common amongst our mummy folks, due largely to stress induced by their broad home and religious committements. Ogun state education ministry should do what is just. Thank you


  2. This is an indication that stress is a driving force in the Nigerian society. Cases like this should be dealt with in accordance to the law, and should be transparent and just. Kudos to the Ogun state educational ministry.


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