Flash: Imo Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso Impeached

Jude Agbaso, the Imo State Deputy Governor has been impeached by the State House of Assembly with 24 of the 26 lawmakers in the Assembly voting in favour of his removal.

Agbaso was served a notice of impeachment by the House over an allegation that he demanded and collected N458 million bribe from J-PROS Limited, a construction firm handling the rehabilitation of Sam Mbakwe Road in Owerri, the state capital, an allegation he denied.

The House had asked the Chief Judge of the state, Justice Benjamin Njemanze, to constitute a 7-man panel to re-investigate the N458 million contract scam as provided in Section 188 of the 1999 Constitution as amended. The committee indicted Mr Agbaso.

The eventual removal of the embattled Deputy Governor was based on the report of the panel.

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2 thoughts on “Flash: Imo Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso Impeached

  1. Serves him right! Wish same thing could happen to other corrupt leaders too! Congratulations Imo State House Of Assembly! Una do we’ll o! More guts to ur spines I beg


  2. For the first time in the history of our State,a deputy Governor has been impeached,history has been and other thieves at the top in this State should learn from this.Jude Agbaso was never meant for this job,he was just a pawn,I knew he would fall for the bait as an amateur politician.He was never satisfied with the money he made from his pure water business and tailoring.This is what too much greed leads to.He should face the EFCC after this matter


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