Note! Drug Abuse: CADAM Is Admitting For Rehabilitation

Are you or your friend/relation hooked to crack? Bound by coke? Sold to drugs? You need help?

Many have sought liberty from the shackles of drug addiction and have found it at CADAM

Final interview to admit next set of Christ Against Drug Abuse Ministry intakes hold this Saturday 30th March, 2013 at 1 Vori Close, Beside Zenith Bank, Acme Ogba, Lagos

Extend this invitation also to anyone you know is battling drug addiction (irrespective of religion, age, ethnic background, or status – everyone deserves to be whole again). Tell them not to give up on trying to be free from drug addiction because God hasn’t!

Interview starts from 10am till 5pm

The 2-stage 1-year rehabilitation program is FREE with support from kind-hearted individuals

Take this chance. Despise the shame. Obtain the victory over drug abuse and addiction!

Call for enquiries: 08171039895

Follow on Twitter: @cadam2therescue

CADAM…Setting The Captives Free!
You are ahead…@newsbytesnow


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