SoE Update: Nigeria Shuts Borders With Cameroon, Niger, Chad

Nigeria’s borders with Cameroon Republic, Niger and Chad have been closed as part of the implementation of the emergency rule imposed by President Goodluck Jonathan.

After Adamawa State Security Council meeting held on Friday in Yola, the state capital, the decision to shut the Adamawa side of the border with Cameroon was announced.

The director of press and public affairs in the office of Governor Murtala Nyako, Alhaji Ahmad Sajo, said that the closure of the border was part of the emergency rule.

He said the military officials and other security chiefs who met with the Governor informed him of the decision to close the borders.

The director said the governor advised all people of the state to abide by the order and urged the people of Cameroon to also understand the Nigeria’s situation and bear with the decision.

He said Nigerians and Cameroonians have always live peacefully as they are brothers and sisters with common background and ancestry, and as such they would work together to resolve the security challenges.

According to Sajo, the state government is also working with the security chiefs to set up committees that would help maintain cordial relation between the military and civilian population throughout the period of the emergency rule.

The closure of the borders is the latest measure taken in continuation of the emergency rule.

They army had earlier imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in Adamawa State, which is still in force.

The people of the state have complained that the curfew is too severe and urged the authorities to relax it.

Dr Umar Ardo a former governorship aspirant in the state said the curfew should be relaxed to start from 8pm to 6am to enable Muslims to be performing their two evenings (Magrib and Isha’i) congregational prayers.

Courtesy Daily Trust

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