Flash: Turkey Safe For U-20 World Cup – FIFA

FIFA U-20 2013
FIFA have assured that all those involved in the U-20 World Cup in Turkey are safe despite media reports on the riots in major cities of the country.
Anti-government protests have been going on for about two weeks now in the major cities of Istanbul and Ankara forcing police to use some force to stop them.
The U20 World Cup kicks off on June 21 with an opening game between debutants Cuba and South Korea. Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana and Mali will represent Africa at the tournament.
In a circular dated June 11 and signed by deputy secretary general Markus Kattner, FIFA said the World Cup will go ahead as scheduled as the protests will not affect the tournament.
The world football governing body said they are in regular contact with the Turkish government as regards security and they have received further assurances from the Turkish National Police.
– Sola Rogers (Twitter – @solarogers), News Bytes Sports Desk
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