Flash! Nigeria vs Uruguay: Enyeama, Ujah Say Fatique Has Set In; Itemuagbor Sees Spanish Fall

Field of play - Nigeria vs Uruguay in Salvador

Field of play: Nigeria vs Uruguay in Salvador

Stand-in Eagles skipper, Vincent Enyeama, has said the loss to Uruguay in the national team’s second game at the ongoing Confederation Cup, was so colossal that the team will have to do something special to defeat Spain in its next game.

He also blamed fatique for the team’s loss, the same way Tony Ujah, who plays his club football  in the German Bundesliga reasoned. Enyeama reacting to a question about the splendid play of the Eagles yet could not come out clean said: “It’s so painful that we played this well and were still on the losing side. I would been a happier person if we played badly and won the game”.

Ujah on his part says that flying from one end of the world to another in the last one month has been very tiring, especially as other teams were having a ball preparing for the tournament. “Though we don’t want to give any excuses but it’s obvious that our busy schedule has affected us today”.

The Super Eagles is expected to jet out to the next venue of the game against world and European champions, Spain on Friday morning.

Sports marketing icon, Mike Itemuagbor, has already declared that he has absolute confidence in the abilities of the players to defeat Spain in its next game, as he believes the team he saw against Uruguay was in excellent form but was just unlucky.

“They may be world champions but we are also champions in our own right and we will beat them well to make it to the next round of the championship, mark my words”, he declared.

– Sola Rogers (Twitter – @solarogers)

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