Community Watch! News Bytes Traffic Alert 8.53pm: Lagos-Ibadan On Standstill

Traffic on Lagos-Ibadan today Sunday 30th June is nothing but maddening.

Folks have spent 3hrs or more from RCCG camp & still not near Mowe! Same reported for those traveling out of Lagos.

The gridlock which we were informed started about noon was, according to the FRSC caused by worshipers going in/out of NASFAT and RCCG. Please, are the worshipers still crossing at 8.45pm?

Except for the FRSC update well over 5hrs ago, commuters are left grappling with the stress of the standstill, the psychological trauma of its effect on their resumption at work tomorrow as well as the frustration of not knowing what caused the traffic, whether relevant authorities are doing anything to help solve it or the likely moment they will be lucky to wriggle out of the express.

Knowing fully well that once you’re past the Sagamu by-pass, the hope of access to an alternative route via Sagamu-Ikorodu-Ketu is almost nil, we ask: should someone’s job not be put on the line for gross wastage of man-hours. Should that fellow be entitled to a good night sleep today when Nigerians are psychologically subjected to distress almost on a daily basis on this same Lagos-Ibadan expressway? Why should this recur with no known solution and someone expects his salary to be paid at the end of the month?

Let’s not push Nigerians too far.

This is hoping someone get off his butts and set to work tonight!

For those stuck in that traffic (your phone batteries must have almost run down), exercise patience.

For authorities concerned, find a lasting solution, and when such situation unavoidably happens, do well to constantly update citizens on developments.

Let’s stop taking Nigerians for granted!

Attn: President Goodluck Jonathan, FRSC, Minister for Works, All Religious bodies whose places of worship adorn the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway


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