Flash: Rangers Protests CAF Suspension

The management of Rangers International football club, Enugu has officially protested Confederation of African Football (CAF) suspension/disqualification from the Confederation Cup tournament over allegation of ineligibility of Goalkeeper, Emmanuel Daniel to play for the club. ‬‪​‬‪​

In a statement by the Rangers management the Director of media and publicity, Foster Ejike Chime, described the alleged suspension/disqualification as a miscarriage of justice and denial of Rangers’ right of freedom to freely make choices of who to play for them, through due and diligent process and according to the NPFL, NFF, CAF and FIFA laws, regulations and statutes. ‬‪​‬‪​

“Rangers, as a responsible responsive and law-abiding football club states without any contradiction that we followed proper and laid down guidelines for players’ transfer from one club to another in registering Emmanuel Daniel for the current football season”.‬‪​‬‪​

“According to the management, NFF and LMC declared Emmanuel Daniel as a free player since his contract officially ended with his former club, 3SC of Ibadan in September 2013, and thus cleared him to Rangers for registration”.

“Rangers football club asked for Emmanuel Daniels services to play for Rangers after the league ended in Sept. 2012.‬‪​‬‪​ Since his clearance and registration on Sept. 2012, Emmanuel Daniel has been playing for Rangers FC in both the Nigeria Premier League, CAF Champions leagues and later CAF Confederations cup as well as the F.A. Cup Competitions and the club pay him his salaries as and when due up till now.

“Attached are documents to buttress our assertion.‬‪​‬‪​ The club states without any equivocation that it is committed and determined to protect its hard-earned and justifie CAF Confederations Cup group stage qualification and promised to judiciously follow the matter to its conclusion even to FIFA”, the statement reads.

The club noted that it has officially on Tuesday faulted the judgment of CAF, and with the support of the Nigeria Football Federation urged its teeming fans and supporters to keep hope alive and believe that at the end, justice will not only seen to be done, but done properly.‬‪​‬‪​

– Sola Rogers, News Bytes Sports Desk

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