Flash: ITF Announces Nominations For 2013 ITF Beach Tennis World Team Championship

The ITF today announced the nominations for the 2013 ITF Beach Tennis World Team Championship at Russia’s National Tennis Centre in Moscow on 18-21 July. This is only the second edition of the event, which is being held in Moscow for the first three years as part of an agreement with the Russian Tennis Federation. Italy will defend its title, having defeated Brazil to win the inaugural event in 2012.
The Team Championship is a mixed competition in which nations compete against each other on a knock-out basis. Each team will be comprised of two men and two women, with ties consisting of a men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles rubber.
A total of 20 teams will take part in the 2013 championship, an increase of five teams on 2012. The nominations include four former Davis Cup and Fed Cup players, including Petros Baghdatis and Christopher Koutrouzas of Cyprus, Brazilian Joana Cortez and William Forcellini of San Marino.
The Team Championship has joined the individual Beach Tennis World Championships as the flagship events on the ITF Beach Tennis Tour. Since the launch of the Tour in 2008, worldwide participation has continued to grow each year. The 2013 Tour will see around 150 events held in over 30 countries, while 48 nations are currently represented in the ITF Beach Tennis World Rankings.

– Sola Rogers (Twitter – @solarogers)
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