Flash: CNN Must Explain Rejection Of FG’s Advert On President Jonathan’s Visit To China Or Else… – Doyin Okupe

The International news network CNN has rejected an advertorial sent to it
by the Nigeria government to promote the recent five days visit of
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to the People’s Republic of China.

The advert which was already paid for by the Government was to highlight
some of the key areas of achievement of the visit. But the CNN said the
advert had some political undertone and rejected the advert but did not release the money. It requested the money be “kept for future businesses” with Nigeria which obviously did not go down well with the Nigerian government.

The FG government has demanded more explanation from CNN and may consider severing all ties with CNN and also banning government officials from granting any form of interview with CNN in the future. The Nigerian government sees this action by CNN as unprofessional and against the rule of journalism. – Doyin Okupe, Presidential Media Aide

– Agba Jalingo


4 thoughts on “Flash: CNN Must Explain Rejection Of FG’s Advert On President Jonathan’s Visit To China Or Else… – Doyin Okupe

  1. Ojo ileya ni oro ndun ole’ meaning the lazy would lament the day o festivities when his peers adorn new cloths. Could Nigeria not have an International Media outfit as strong as CNN or Aljazera to use for her need? Shameless people, go home and suck milk. We will have to bury our heads in shame for more of such dissapointment shall come.


  2. Pray,what kind of country is this? And how did misfortune visit us with these kind of men?
    Who would have advised this clueless government to place an advert on CNN with clips of their wasteful jamboree? Clearly a senseless and rresponsible adventure.
    Were the money expensed on these ventures theirs,would they do the same-junketing all over the world in search of investors?
    I am not sure any serious nation or people sends trip clips as adverts. Only political cretins like us and who in any case want to watch such recklessness in a nation that is still struggling with polio!
    My prayer and wish is that all who have ruled this country in one way or the other will face justice and atone for their role in the despoilation and ruin of our country.


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