Please Read & Share: Important Notice For Your Attention From News Bytes


News Bytes has evolved into a fully functional website after about eighteen months of news blogging. In that period, you proudly voted us the BEST POLITICAL BLOG in the Nigerian Blog Awards 2012.

To this end, our wonderful subscribers are enjoined to enjoy much more fresh authentic, robust news breaks at (same address but equipped better to serve you more).

Please endeavour to subscribe and receive news breaks via email at It’s fast and simple, just input your email at the space provided on the sidebar at our new website.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @newsbytesnow and @newsbytesalert

Like our page: and

We are on equally on Google + : NB NewsBytes

On Youtube: NB NewsBytes

On Skype, our ID: newsbytes

Our Yahoo Messenger:

Remember, our PINs have few spaces left:  26DC6F2F; 288E8105; 29651E47 (more to be added soon…)

Please feel free to send news breaks, emergencies, eye witness account, neighbourhood/community watch, press release, event invite and enquiries to or

Note: To make it up to email subscribers, who have missed our news packages in the past few weeks as a result of this migration, feel free to send your email to us to subscribe for you. Please ensure you confirm once an email is sent to you so to do, that completes the process.

Thank you for your support and patience.

News Bytes Team


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