Join @HNNAfrica & @DokunAdedeji To Discuss “No To Gay, But I Am Gay” Tomorrow 0700 GMT (8am Nigerian Time) On @newsbytesnow Conversation

The anti-gay bill was just passed into law and has generated some heat home and abroad.

At home, many are commending President Jonathan for assenting, while others feel it is an effort to kill a mosquito with a bazooka!

The international community is crying foul although treading cautiously so as not be seen to want to interfere in Nigeria’s internal affairs.

Would jailing gay/lesbians for 14 years be correctional? Will the enforcement of this law stop the practice of homosexuality which has secretly crept into our society?

Some researchers believe homosexuality is genetic and no fault of those who are gay. How true?

Is there any provision for gays and lesbians who need and seek help?

What happens if in the near future, a lawmaker, or someone high up in religious circles discovers his child is gay?

If this practice is spread because of poverty (many, as I heard, do it to make money from their partners), how do we seek a holistic approach to this?

Now, gay activists say the law is an infringement on human rights, how free can you be free to be yourself without losing societal, religious and cultural values?

Join us on #Conversation tomorrow Saturday, 25th of January, 2014 at 8am (0700 GMT) on Twitter as we discuss:

“No To Gay, But I Am Gay!”

– Dr Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo (@HNNAfrica), and
– Dr Dokun Adedeji (@DokunAdedeji)

Moderating: News Bytes (@newsbytesnow)

Tweet your questions and comments at us, @newsbytesnow using also the hashtag #Gay #LGBT

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