13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. The recmendatn of oronsoye cmmttee on scrapn of FRSC is faulty $ scientifically biased. Note-FRSC is d FG regulatory agency on road transport ,as in air,sea transport.Reasons:1.Near accurate data bank on trafic crashes institutinalised.2.trained personel on road $ trafic mgt. With good sense of trafic administratn to manage our roads. 3.Computerised data bank on trafic issues $ situatn maintained for nigerians- home $ broad even acedemicians.


  2. Plz, ƪ need you blackberry pin, wanna get updates from you guys! Plzzzz or you add me 230A6FC0! You guys are doing great! Keeping Nigerian on the alert 24/7 God bless you all.


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